The Tailbase Story

Building lasting relationships.

The Tailbase Story

Building lasting relationships.

With over 30 years of experience in the electronics, furniture, and appliances business, Tailbase and Style combine professional knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the prerequisites tied to operating the digital portion of a retail business.

In charge of managing all your internal processes; Style has nurtured and grown its POS and ERP functionalities to unmatched levels in our markets. Our integrated functions are tailored to your needs; managing order intake, creating contracts, sales representative commission pay-outs, stock levels, re-ordering from manufacturers, and the list goes on.

On the customer-facing front, Tailbase offers a variety of ways to go to market online and increase your sales and exposure channels. Whether you are a seasoned digital marketer with a solid e-commerce background, or you are fancying the idea of starting your first website, we offer specific solutions for all scenarios. From a turnkey, low-level maintenance website, all the way to our catalog API, we support hundreds of business owners who share the common goal to optimize their revenue.

In 2018, both companies joined forces to provide a fully integrated offering increasing the perceived value. The expertise that are now shared are complimentary and allow our clients to have a one-stop shop for a complete digital infrastructure adaptable to their business.

As we keep on challenging the status quo, we are presently working on updating our systems, perfecting the customer journey, and creating more catalog variety with the objective of helping many more business types.

Through an automated data flow, we have created an organized product catalog, allowing us to carry out your online sales projects quickly while respecting your brand image. Whether it is a pre-conceptualized platform or fully customized according to your preferences, our Tailbase solutions have no limits.

Our catalog is focused on several business verticals that can be combined; goods from the world of electronics, furniture, appliances, and much more.

Working mainly in the furniture, electronics and household appliances industry, our management and inventory software is the reference for managing points of sale as well as your company's critical data.

It features an easy-to-use, fully bilingual, efficient, flexible, affordable accounting module with quick access to information to keep your business running smoothly. It is also used to plan and manage inventory, as well as maintain relationships with your customers after receiving their orders.


Style is developed by a large Montreal retailer with several locations. At this time, the A.F.M.Q. (association of furniture manufacturers in Quebec) uses the business solution for its members.


Style starts to expand to new markets with its first Ontario client in Ottawa and will follow in 1993 with its first retailer in the Greater Toronto Area.


Style became the solution for the first retailer of the LEON banner with several dozen established locations from Nova Scotia to Alberta.


Style becomes the solution for the first retailer of the LA-Z-BOY banner and gallery. Many galleries in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario to Vancouver Island use our solution.


The company continues its organic growth by introducing the Club Piscine group and the Multi Luminaire group in its client portfolio, offering in-store and distribution center management.


Tailbase officially started its business activities in 1993, originally under the “Datatail” name. Its initial offering was tailored for manufacturers and eventually transformed its offering, allowing the company to sign its first retailer contract in the Greater Toronto Area in 2004.


The customer list keeps growing and in 2006, Tailbase is mandated to create a website solution for the very first time.


Style penetrated the American market with its first retailer in the states of New York and Washington. Florida follows shortly after and the expansion keeps going.


By 2010, Tailbase’s catalog is populating several e-commerce websites in the electronics, furniture, and appliance verticals. It is saving retailers significant time investments and with word of mouth, an expansion to the USA is put in motion with the help of new strategic partners.


In a quest to continue to challenge the status quo, Tailbase keeps innovating and brings several new solutions that integrate with the existing websites. Products like Tracktail are born, allowing retailers to optimize their online presence.


2018 marks the beginning of a new era when Tailbase introduces a new line of websites based on its proprietary platform. The emphasis on the customer journey is now at the center of the strategic approach allowing retailers to track things such as abandoned carts and maximize revenues.


Since its acquisition by the HARRIS/PGM group in its corporate merger with the TAILBASE group in 2019, Style-Tailbase is now the central IT management solution HUB for a variety of verticals: furniture, household appliances, lighting, swimming pools, and more to come.


Now recently acquired by Harris Computer, Tailbase joins forces with the North American leader in POS and ERP products and services: “Style”. With both companies acting in the same business verticals, this is the beginning of a new era filled with opportunity as Tailbases’ e-commerce platform can now integrate with a scalable POS and ERP system tailored for electronics, appliances, and furniture.


Launch of Tailbasify: A web solution that combines a premium e-commerce website platform “Shopify” with Tailbase’s robust catalog. This showcases Tailbase’s agility in a forever-evolving market where competition is fierce. Clients onboarding on Shopify see an abrupt increase in traffic and conversions leading to positive reviews.


Style is now fully integrated with our Shopify platform allowing customers to have second-to-none reporting, accounting, finance, sales, customer service, and many more functions all at their fingertips. Furthermore, Style developers are working on the next generation of POS, opening the door to new verticals.