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What is a

Digital Marketing Solution?

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts done through various channels on the internet and smart devices. These include websites, search engines, social media, emails and apps to connect with current and potential customers.

The Benefits of

Digital Marketing!


The world has undergone a change; Everything is digital. Since everyone is already online, your target market is just waiting to be tapped-into. Advertising online means countess possibilities to create brand awareness, increase website and in-store traffic, increase sales in-store and online, and more flexibility with the amount you want to invest in a campaign.


Of shoppers make a purchase decision within 48-hours.

Digital Marketing Solutions for Retail

 Our Services

 Tailbase offers Digital Marketing solutions for retail such as, Google & Facebook Ads management, social media and blogging services to help increase your online visibility. 

Google Search Campaigns

Google Search Campaigns allow you to display advertisements in the Google search listings.

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There are billions of searches done on Google daily. If you run a Google Search campaign, your ad will appear in the search listings when it is triggered by a search term or keyword.

Google Display

Display ads are graphic advertisements that appear on websites which are relevant to the product being sold.

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Display ads are visual banners that include text, an image, or video. They appear on websites that are relevant to the product being sold and to the right audience on over 2 million advertising-supported sites.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads helps users compare pricing from different retailers, by displaying product-based ads.

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Google Shopping ads appear across Google’s Search and Shopping results. This type of campaign helps users compare pricing from different retailers, by displaying product-based ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising campaigns promoted through target audiences.

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Facebook campaigns have gained more popularity in recent years, as they are cost effective and display on the social media platform with the highest number of active users. Unlike Google, Facebook targets a more passive user that is not actively looking for something. The ads show to people by means of audience targeting. This is possible because users engage with content regarding personal interests. The data is collected and used by advertisers to narrow down an audience.

Ideally, our aim is to run both types of campaigns for our customers, which results in a more holistic marketing strategy.