Tailbase Essentials Program

Keep your website, offers, and promotions up to date.

What is TEP?

Do you need assistance with maintaining your website so that pricing, products and promotions remain updated? One of our experts can assist you with these tasks, which will not only alleviate some of the workload, but also help drive traffic to your website.

The Tailbase Essentials Program (TEP) ensures that your website is well maintained to display current offers and promotions. Implementing TEP has proven to be very effective in increasing website traffic and engagement. This is reflected in the analytics taken from dealers that used the program for just three months! The average number of visitors increased by 69%. An increase in website traffic can positively affect the performance of the website. In addition, the number of page views increased by 78%, indicating that the engagement rate has improved.

TEP- Tailbase Essentials Program

What are the benefits of the Tailbase Essentials Program TEP?

TEP Tailbase Essentials Program Product Management

Product Management

Product management is done in the featured products section of your website, where specific products are highlighted. The clearance center products are also managed to display items on sale.

TEP Tailbase Essentials Program

Custom Banners

Customers benefit from 20 custom banners a year and up to 4 templated banners a month. The banners highlight specific sales or those associated to a holiday.

TEP  Analytics Reports

Google Analytics

A monthly follow-up with your personal account manager. A Google Analytics report will be provided to assess changes in website traffic and website performance!

TEP Tailbase Essentials Program

Flyer Management

Flyer management services for better traffic and promotional marketing.

TEP Tailbase Essentials Program

Ad Spot Banners

20 professionally made ad spot banners a year are included.

TEP Price Management-Furniture

Price Management


Furniture price management is available for 50 products a month.

TEP Tailbase Essentials Program Price Management- Appliances CE

Price Management


Pricing management is also available for Consumer Electronics and Appliances with the help of National price lists.

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