Summit Marketing Program

Succeed in the digital world.

What is Summit Marketing Program?

The Summit Marketing Program is a marketing initiative designed by Tailbase to help Southwest members increase their online presence and drive sales. Google and Facebook Ads are powerful advertising tools being used by millions of advertisers and retailers that help increase traffic, awareness, and online sales.

Summit Marketing Programs
Summit Marketing Stats
Summit Marketing Program Stats
Summit Marketing Program Stats
Summit Marketing Creative Program
Summit Creative focuses on promoting the retailer’s brand and services. It focuses on Retailer’s sales instead of manufacturer’s sales.
Summit Marketing Vendor Program
Summit Vendor is designed to help retailers increase their online presence and drive sales. The program regroups retailers with similar goals and interests, looking to advertise vendor promotions.

Summit is designed for:

Summit Marketing Budget
Retailers who have a limited ad budget, but do not want to fall behind in the digital world.
Summit Marketing Targeting
Retailers who serve a small area where too much ad spend may be a waste.
Summit marketing programs
Retailers who want to run Google Ads without having to determine campaign content or worry about setup.
Retailers who would like to run Google Ads for the first time with low risk.

Why you should choose the Summit Marketing Programs

Tailbase has been providing professional services to our retailers for more than 12 years. From website development to digital marketing, we offer seamless non-stop service. Digital Marketing is a big part of our overall business strategy. We are determined to help you succeed in a fully digital world.

Increase Sales

Drive Store & Web Traffic

Cost Effective

Hands-off Experience


We have a team of performant digital experts and powerful tools.


We understand the challenges that retailers are facing. We are here to help.

Cost Effective

We offer a low management fee, easy communication, and great results.


Get pre-determined campaign content
and a hands-off experience.

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