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Retail & Inventory Software

What is Style?

Tailbase has expanded its horizons with Style, a retail management and inventory software for retailers. It features an easy-to-use accounting module that is fully bilingual, efficient, flexible, affordable, quick access to information to ensure you operate your business smoothly. It also serves to plan and manage inventory, as well as maintaining customer relations until after delivery.

Why should you choose Style?

  • It has yielded a high return on investment (ROI) for 2800+ satisfied and loyal customers.
  • The solution is supported by seasoned specialists in customer service.
  • Style is extremely customizable and can be tailored to your individual business needs; Likewise, a personalized training program will be offered to create a positive learning experience.
  • Our areas of expertise lie in retail business for furniture, appliances and electronics.

What are the main benefits?

Optimize Your Inventory

Optimize your inventory by keeping track of levels with a bin locator. This will not only decrease research time for specific items, but it will also reduce inventory losses.

Shorten Sales Cycles

Using the solution will help your sales team to shorten sales cycles and improve their customer service, all while saving time and money.

Price List Integration

Allows integration of suppliers’ electronic price lists, facilitates updating sales price information and improves gross margins.

Service Call Management

Manage your service calls effectively with daily monitoring of operational costs, follow ups, parts management and claims to suppliers.

Better Inventory Tracking

Keep better track of your inventory to make potential sales.

Shipment & Purchase Updates

Get updates such as purchase order and shipment via email.

Automated Delivery Options

Use item barcodes to automate delivery routing and alley picking.

Automated TAG Creation

Automatically TAG your purchase during a sales creation.

Monitor & Claim Supplier Rebates

Monitor and claim supplier rebates to apply instant discounts on items to increase sales.

Mobile Access

Gain real-time access your inventory and sales shopping cart via a mobile device.