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The Coaster Furniture Vendor Program is a hands-off experience designed to increase website engagement for furniture retailers.

It provides promotional themed designed banners for the retailer’s website homepage. Those banners are linked to a Hot Deals page featuring products selected by Coaster. Having promotional banners with compelling offers will not only increase the website traffic, but the website engagement too while lowering bounce rates.

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Tailbase Furniture catalog

Increases visitor engagement

Increases online sales

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Decreases bounce rates

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Hands-off approach

Increases leads

The Coaster FVP is constantly growing
in demand and includes more than


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Participating retailers in this
program have seen up to


in the past year.

Data Studies

Compelling offers have proven to increase qualified website traffic and lower bounce rate. This in turn can increase sales. For details about the inclusions of the program, contact one of our experts!

 FVP Furniture Vendor Program Banner
 FVP Furniture Vendor Program Banner
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 FVP Furniture Vendor Program Banner
 FVP Furniture Vendor Program Banner
 FVP Banner

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Retailers who are advertising through our Summit marketing programs have seen an important increase of online sales and traffic.

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