Now is a good time to work on your marketing plan for 2021. You might be unsure of how to interpret data or have questions about navigating the changes in 2020 brought on by the pandemic.

We understand! This is why we would like to share an article that Google published earlier this month about marketing.

They talk about 5 consumer truths that you should know to get your marketing ready for 2021.

We analyzed the 5 insights and here is how you can apply this to your business:

1. Creating control: Since these are uncertain times, consumers are grasping to get control over things they didn’t need to before. There was an increase of searches indicating that consumers are looking for stores carrying specific items using “in stock” terms. This is very important for you as a retailer because you need to be transparent towards your potential customers: Try promoting products you actually have in your warehouse or store.

2. Bargaining for balance: Consumers are being made more and more aware about balancing things in life and slowing down. As a retailer, one thing, you can do is communicate that same feeling on  Social Media. Consumers will identify with this kind of post. For example, end of the day relaxation posts.

3. Cultivating connection: We all miss an in-person connection, even though we are still in contact through technology. You can promote the fact that you are a small or local business and that your store is proud to be a part of your city.

4. Curating the home: Since we spend a lot of time in our homes, which we probably didn’t before, consumers are looking to make their spaces multifunctional or make them very comfortable. Google talks about simple house design. In your case, if you offer customizable furniture or kitchen installation/remodel you could promote that option online.

5. Acting on allyship: Being a good corporate citizen is very important for consumers nowadays. How do you help a cause, whether it’s social, environmental, or the way you take care of your employees during the pandemic with sanitary protocols translates into how a potential customer will see you.

Keep these insights in mind and dive into your 2021 planning!

Do you still have questions?


Natalia Mendoza is a Tailbase-Informat Marketing Specialist with an extensive knowledge on Digital Marketing.