It is no real news nor a big surprise that Covid has accelerated the need for consumers to do their shopping and buying online.  What is surprising, is how few retailers are taking this change in the retail landscape, as seriously as they should.
This can and should be a real opportunity for retailers to step-up and cater to a wider audience. I will outline some ideas as well as a surface level roadmap of what you can do as a retailer to win and grow your business.

The things to do

  • Make sure you have the latest and greatest website from Tailbase , it has some new features that could be very beneficial in your quest.
  • Make sure you tell the story of your business: How long/commitment to service/clearly show your value proposition, that is why they should buy from you!
  • Use your home page to show your best deals.
  • Price all your products on your site. This will allow for better digital campaigns!
  • Concentrate on your unique products and advantages (perhaps rapid turn-around on custom products).
  • Make your return policies very clear easy to access.
  • Have a live chat.
  • Have a dealer-review solution for your customers.
  • On appliances tell your customers about your quality delivery (you may offer special install fees) , offer free pickup of the older appliances they are replacing.
  • On furniture tell them that all furniture is inspected prior to delivery thus avoiding disappointments.
  • Offer online financing.
  • If they have made an online purchase, make sure you call them to acknowledge the order and take note of any challenges that could be associated with their purchase and this could turn into an upsell opportunity.
  • Offer a best price guarantee! (that does not apply for open box or floor samples with same model number, and shipping costs, delivery quality, etc.)
  • If you do service on Appliances for example, make sure you tell your customers that you service what you sell.
  • In the appliance realm or even furniture, identify what you have in stock and can ship in a timely manner (connect your site to your POS system).
  • Talk about your delivery as opposed to what others offer.
  • Trumpet your sales and product knowledge expertise since that is a major weakness of online only and big-box stores.
  • Make sure your ad spots are done in a professional manner, remember that for new customers your web site is who you are! Bad ads = poor retailer 

There is a bit more to cover but at least if you have done those suggestions we can move to the next steps.  

Robert Lapointe founded Tailbase and has extensive knowledge about Appliances, Furnishings, CE and Matresses retail in North-America.