You may ask what should be the foundation for planning a successful digital marketing strategy?

First, let me say you should always begin locally or what I often tell retailers: Be the king of your mountain. Your mountain is measured by asking a simple question: How far does your delivery truck deliver go from your store or warehouse? For instance, if your deliveries have a 75-mile range in all directions, it gives you an idea of your market reach, and with that information, you can measure your market share. Once you know that you have reached your market share goals you can expand your market reach.

Remember that as a local retailer you have significant advantages over big box stores, as well as online-only retailers, assuming that you know who they are. This will effectively give you an idea of how to communicate with your potential audience.

So with all that in mind, let’s begin…..

  • Focus on the categories related to the season you are in! Examine last year’s sales in the same period! Has something changed? Etc.…the key is being focused!
  • Once you have the categories and products mapped-out, make sure you have appropriate dedicated landing pages. You may need to have several dedicated landing pages for a single campaign.
  • Please remember that if I, (as a consumer) am looking for a fridge or a recliner, you need to drive me to that page as soon as possible and with the fewest clicks.
  • Once there, I need to see the value proposition and incentives to make a purchase.
  • If I am looking for a reclining sofa, don’t waste my time by showing me all sofas; show me only the ones I am seeking, and do not overwhelm me with too much choice.
  • Oh! And by the way, make sure your best deals on whatever category you are promoting are the first ones I see on those dedicated landing pages

Remember that Appliances and larger furniture are more difficult to sell at online-only retailers because of their bulkiness, weight, shipping costs, and lack of install capabilities they have. This is a huge advantage for you as an independent retailer (albeit this is a local advantage only) as long as you don’t sell outside your trading area.

Robert Lapointe founded Tailbase and has extensive knowledge about Appliances, Furnishings, CE and Matresses retail in North-America.